Friday, July 18, 2014

A Family Photo Session {meet the Washingtons}

Happy Friday! I have another family photo session to share with you today. This is the Washington family and I teach two of these beautiful little ladies dance. So I was thrilled when their mom emailed  to set up some photos. :) We were in and out of the cars for the first 15 minutes, while the rain drizzled and stopped, drizzled and stopped. But the sun finally peeked out and we bolted outside and down to a little stream, only to be met with another down pouring! But we stuck it out and waited for the light and were eventually greeted with the most stunning soft sunshine through the trees. It was absolutely perfect. Take a look.
Thank you Stacy and family! It was a pleasure. 

Friends, if you're a local and are interested in setting up a photo session, send me an email to These summer and fall months are just so incredibly beautiful, so make sure you get a session booked! You can get some info off of the "my photography" page on this site and my new photography site is almost ready to go live. Been working hard on that! I would love to work with you to capture life as you know it and freeze it forever. :)

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