Monday, July 21, 2014

Mama Style {long and flowy}

Long dresses always feel so elegant, don't they? There's just something about that floor sweeping length that feels a little fancy against your ankles. This dress is another that I borrowed from my mom's closet and I'm loving the blues and greens, a color combo that always draws my eye. Let me just say one more time, I'm so thankful to have not one but 3 closets to draw from. I'm constantly going through my mom's stuff to borrow something pretty for this or that, and the sheer volume of beauty found there is a sight to behold. It's pretty stinking great. Thanks mom! 

This cooler than cool hat was a gift from David at Somewhere in Time Antiques on Broadway. If you're a local, you must check out this store. It is definitely one of my downtown faves and you'll find treasure after treasure there. 
{hat - Somewhere in Time Antiques (GB), necklace - Madewell, dress - Charlotte Russe, shoes - Jeffrey Campbell from Free People}

The hubs, Scaret and I are heading off to Nashville tomorrow to spend some time exploring the city and visiting with my sister and her fam in Jackson for a graduation and birthday parties. We can't wait to get on that plane and enjoy some time away. I might not be here much this week, so if I don't get around to it, I'll meet you here again next week. I have some fun things planned for you. A continuation of the travel series which I'm so ecstatic about, one that will take us to Tulsa, Charleston, the Netherlands, Chicago, South Africa and Door County. So we'll be visiting many beautiful places over these next few months. 

And I recently took some family photos with Eric, another local photographer and I snapped a few of him and his daughter as well. So we should have some beautiful family pictures to share with you soon. We tried smoke bombs in these pics and well, let's just say that I hope they looked better than they made me smell (yes, was a tiny bit covered in ash!) 

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