Monday, August 4, 2014

A Trip to Tennessee - Part 2

Hello friends! Hope you had a lovely weekend. We spent some time out on the lake and by the pool which is my favorite way to spend a summer day. Though I've been nursing a head ache for the past week and can't seem to get rid of it. Might be the TV appearance looming on the not-too-distant horizon but that would be crazy, right? I can do this. I can do this. :) 

We send our eldest son off to his first week long camp this morning and it's with a mixture of excitement and tearfulness. Not just for me but for him as well, though he was all smiles when the bus pulled off. I know it will be a blast and teach him so much so I'm excited for what he'll experience and learn there and can't wait till he returns. (tear). He seemed most sad to leave his Scarlet bug and wanted to make sure I gave her a hug from him when she woke up. 

Anyway, I have another set of Tennessee pics to share with you today! There are lots of family pics in this set, first outside of a beautiful old plantation home in Nashville, where we went for a very southern lunch (I had brisket, creamed corn and mac n cheese - delish!) and I admired all the fancy ladies lunching in their classic sun dresses (young) and pastel suits (old). I hesitate to write the word "old" as I know full well that old is completely relative now. I feel like in 10 years time, when I'm 46, kids will absolutely put me into the OLD category. Ha! Though I'm referring to the elegant silver coiffed ladies, 60 and over I'd guess. They're perfectly manicured in the south, so it's more difficult to tell their age. ;)
One of the reasons we went to Tennessee was for my sister Cara's husband's graduation (that's a mouthful). He's a CRNA now! Go Uncle Jonny! Could even give us girls an epidural should we need one, though I think we're good and done with birthing babies, so never mind that. These pictures were taken after Jonathan's graduation ceremony amidst the hugs and cheers.
And lastly, we got these beautiful shots of the girls that evening at a backyard party celebrating the graduates.
Love my family! The end, well for now. Aletta's sweet little birthday party up next!

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