Friday, August 1, 2014

Our Flower Crown Workshop - Next Weekend!

Happy Friday!

Our flower crown workshop is just over a week away now and we've been meeting and planning out all the details and are getting so excited for it! Thanks to all the ladies who have signed up already. Look forward to seeing you and hanging out. And if you're still interested in coming, send me an email. We'd love to have you!

We even have some goodies to send home with you lovely ladies as favors and Tiny Prints has sponsored a favor as well that you're going to love. Can't wait to spend this morning together, surrounded by fresh flowers and sunlight. The epitome of a summer's day. 

Sunny and I will be promoting our workshop on Good Day Wisconsin on Tuesday morning at 8:15am and we'll show one of the crowns and how we'll go about creating them. Tune in if you're a local and not still in dreamland come 8:15. :)

Have a beautiful weekend!

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