Saturday, August 9, 2014

Aletta's First Birthday Party

Happy weekend friends! This morning was our flower crown workshop and it went off so beautifully, just such a fun morning out with all those ladies. I'll be sharing pictures soon of all that goodness.

But for today, I wanted to show you this perfect little 1st birthday party that my sister threw for her daughter Aletta. It was a pretty palette of peach, pink, mint and gold and we munched on bagels and fruits before Letta smashed her tiny cake. All the party supplies are detailed below and were very simple to assemble. We all worked on the pinwheels and poms together and I put them up on her wall. The garland was all ready to go in the packaging … even better! 
And finally, the party guests!
Party Details:

Pinwheels and poms - Pomtree 
Tassel garland - GlamFete
IG prints - Social Print Studio
Happy Birthday garland - PS: I Adore You

Happy Birthday Aletta Lulu!

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