Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Our Flower Crown Workshop

Hello friends! I have lots and lots of pictures to share from last weekend's flower crown workshop. It was one of the sweetest mornings to myself that I've had all summer, that perfect opportunity to just be a girl and indulge in all those fun, feminine things that I love so much. Getting away from the busy, busy, busy and relaxing with other creatives is food for the soul. 

I need to mention the ladies who helped me put this event together because they are incredible. Sharon is a part of the August Haven team and is an amazingly talented woman. She has an incredible eye for design and she not only set up a rustic chic space for our event but, oh my goodness, created that beautiful arrangement of fruits and cheeses in lettuce bowls. It was a sight to behold. And then there's Sunny, the owner of Ebb and Flow Flowers. She also completely blows me away with her skill with flowers. Every flower she touches turns into magic. Such a gift. I've so appreciated the chance to get to know both of you and have loved this chance to collaborate. I'm quickly learning that the word collaborate is becoming one of my favorites. :)

Let's get started. We were set up right at the entrance to August Haven, a home store here in Green Bay with a showroom that will leave you breathless. The furniture in unbelievable, absolute eye candy and swoon worthy pieces. They have everything from sofas and rugs to vintage maps and cage lights. And then everything in-between. 
Sunny had selected an assortment of flowers from the market and set them out on our tables in little vases. After hanging out and enjoying our mimosas, she got started with her tutorial on how to create a crown of our own. 
So we picked out our selection of flowers from the vases and got started. It was so cool to see how each crown took shape in variations of colors and styles, some deep plum-y shades and others creamy whites, some woodsy and sparse and others filled with big blooms. But we all managed to make something unique and beautiful!
The fun hot pink postcards that were used as favors for our ladies at the workshop are from Tiny Prints.
And here are all the ladies in their crowns. First up, me with my mom and sister. Mwa!
Thank you to all these wonderful ladies for coming out! This event was such a success and I'd love to organize another meet up and workshop for the fall. Local readers, would you be interested in coming out to our next workshop event? And do you have any suggestions for future workshops, something else you'd like to learn (or perhaps flower crowns and wreaths are you favorite)? I'd love for you to get in touch! You can comment here on this post or you can send me an email (quick link to email at the left). If you'd like to watch our little appearance on our local Fox 11 news station, you can check it out here. :)

AND some exciting news along those newsy lines, I'll be back on TV in a couple of weeks to do a fashion segment! I have a wonderful little fairy godmother who helped get my foot in the door (thank you and big hugs) and well, it looks like maybe this whole TV thing could be happening every so often which is just crazy and incredible. A teensy nerve wrecking, yes, but it can only get better after that first time on live TV. Right?! And fashion, that's something I can talk in circles about. So I'll be taking a few models with me next time and be talking about back to school looks for moms! Yes please, don't leave the moms out of back to school outfit shopping. I love it. So for all you mamas who are itching to grab a few cozy fall additions to your closet, I'll be on on Thursday, August 28th at 8:45am with a variety of day time looks to suit any style.

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