Monday, August 25, 2014

Green Bay at its Finest!

Last week was a fun one! We did all sorts of things that aren't necessarily the usual. First of all, there was a trip to the Wednesday farmer's market. I've been a couple of times on my own (full disclosure: I prefer it that way - sheepish grin) but this time Phil and I took Elliot and Scarlet along and they were angels.

The market is amazing for several reasons, the first of which being that the crowd there will really stun you. It's like a whole new group of GBers come out of their posh homes and dress in their cutest outfits and gather for Wednesday market. It feels cultured and still home-y, with a wonderful dose of cool. There aren't many "cool" places in GB but do realize this is me talking, mom of 4, self proclaimed homebody and grandma come 8:30pm. I no longer attempt "cool" things but when I happen upon them AND in broad daylight (I seriously cannot operate efficiently past 9pm ... chalk it up to overuse) well, then I'm terribly happy. We went to flea markets in South Africa often as kids and I was absolutely crazy about them. Boy oh boy, we bought so many beautiful things at those markets. Anyyyywayyy, let's get back to this evening. It was beautiful. Really and truly. And the food trucks! There are loads of them this year and I have such a huge crush on food trucks. Reminds me of a trip to Austin … and they're always so yummy. What's up with that?

Here are just a few pictures (I'm too embarrassed to take pictures of people. You know, those street style photos. So you'll not see any of that unfortunately).
AND, da da da daaaaaaa, I had the pleasure of attending my first EVER tailgate and Packer game. Now, you must understand, I am not a football fan. I did not grow up with football and when I did go to my first football game in high school at age 15, it was to talk to my friends and look good in my flannels. Did not care about the game whatsoever. But I have a husband who is a born and bred Wisconsiner and that obviously means a Green Bay Packers fan. Now as long as I've been living in GB I've had a love-hate, nah, pretty much a dislike-hate relationship with football. See, the way I see it is, it takes my husband's attention away from me/us for hours on end and not only once per week BUT 3 TIMES! I tried to be a more active participant in watching Packer games this past season cause he really wants me to enjoy it as much as he does plus my little sister is totally into it and knows all the stuffs (makes us look bad ;). So I try … a little. But when we were offered a few tickets to a pre-season game I yelled yes! I really thought that I'd actually enjoy it inside the stadium, with them right there in front of me. And I was right! It was awesome! Awesome, awesome, awesome. I loved the crowd's energy and the way they love their team. It's really extraordinary how Green Bay loves their Packers. And I didn't even mind the slowly drunkenly crowd, the louder, more passionate voices that yelled about every single move that was made on the field. It was all fascinating. So here are a few pictures from our evening at the game. (Note: I had my "game face" on, if you're wondering).
(click here (and press play) to see some riveting wave action, as instagrammed by my sister Daena)
I did manage this "street style" pic! Quality. 

And finally, on Saturday morning we took the fam to Art Street, downtown GB. It's an art market with artists that come from near and far (lots of states represented) to show and sell their creations. I love this one. Here are just a few pictures from that morning that I snapped with my phone.
The end

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