Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Meet Me in … Charleston, South Carolina!

Hello friends! I have such a fun post for you today, introducing you to another incredible mom and her beautiful life. Meet Faith and her sweet family of 5, who are all lucky enough to call Charleston, South Carolina home. I have some family living in Charleston as well and have heard over and over what a stunning city it is. I hope you enjoy this peek into Faith's everyday and some of her favorite spots to hang with her fam in their hometown of Charleston. 

"Hi, I'm Faith! With 15+ years experience in the New York art world, my husband Frank and I decided in 2011 that we wanted a slower pace of life so that we could live more intentionally and closer to nature with our young son and daughter. We are both artists, and in searching for more time and space in which to do our art, we realized that we needed to not only slow down but also downsize our lifestyle to fully integrate art making into the fabric of our lives. We left Brooklyn, New York for Charleston, South Carolina where we now live in our dream house close to the beach. Since our move we've added another baby and love our beach lifestyle. 

When I'm not creating my art, I spend my time with my family. We love adventuring in our VW camper van, spending the day at the beach, local farmers market, and we are constantly revamping our garden and home. I had always dreamed of living in the tropics so I never get tired of the old colonial feel of tropical Charleston, even in the summertime heat. 

We really enjoy that Charleston is a small city, but still has so much history, beautiful architecture, culture and a thriving art scene. When we lived in Brooklyn, Prospect Park was just a block from our house, and I took the kids there literally every day. So, when we left NYC that public space was one of the things that we missed most. How surprised we were to find out that Olmstead, the son of the designer of Prospect Park, designed Hampton Park in Charleston and it has a similar beautifully landscaped feeling. On a weekend or after school we love to visit Hampton Park. Jasper and Carys usually head straight for the huge Live Oak trees; these ancient trees are the most majestic grand things that we've discovered living in the south. There is one that we visit that is rumored to be 1000 years old. These trees in Hampton Park are probably younger than that but still very old, with low hanging limbs that make it easy for the children to climb up and have an adventure, or just sit on the low limbs for imaginative play. Even Griffin, our youngest, loves to sit on the lowest branches now. We usually lay down a blanket and relax or bring bread to feed the ducks in the pond. 

If it's hot out, which in Charleston is a good bet, after an hour or so at the park we like to head down King Street to Belgian Gelato for some delicious authentic Gelato. From there we are close to our favorite historic parts of Charleston. These are the oldest parts of the city where we enjoy just wandering the streets and see where we end up. 

On this trip we found ourselves at the beginning of an inviting alley with a little plaque that dated the alley, cobblestones and building to 1680. This sort of thing really gets my imagination moving and we enjoyed a bit of exploration as we peered into ornate gates and little doors in ivy covered walls. Each time we take a walk like this I fall more in love with Charleston and all of its many layers of history!

After that we head for an early dinner to out favorite kid-friendly place in town. One of our favorite family vacations a couple of years ago was to the Mayan Riviera, and walking into Taco Boy we felt like we'd stepped into a quick vacation in mexico with the fun tropical ambiance, amazing fish tacos and the yummiest pineapple infused margaritas too!

In Charleston there is so much to discover and these are just a few of our favorites. There's also our favorite beach out on Sullivan's Island, but that will have to wait! xo"

Faith, thank you so much for this wonderful little tour and for giving us such a special glimpse of your life with kids. Isn't is incredible to see how we all live? And goodness, this makes me long for a house on the beach!  

You can follow Faith's journey and find out more about her work at And you can find daily inspiration on her Instagram @faithevanssills. Faith also runs creative retreats for women where she enjoys inspiring others to manifest their most heartfelt ideas through creating art. Find out more here

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