Thursday, October 2, 2014

Life with the Butterfly

This dress was crocheted for Scarlet as a gift from a wonderful fairy godmother at church. She is always spoiling our kids with knit hats, sweaters, and blankets and, boy, do we love them! Thank you Jo Ann!

This little girl has made a point of growing up this past 2 weeks and I'm trying to keep up with it emotionally. Here are just a few new things ... 

1. On Saturday, her and her little cousin Aletta went to have their ears pierced. Yes they did! It was a celebration as every big occasion should be and most of us went along to watch. We went to Doolittlez in De Pere (recent name change from Snips and Giggles for the locals) and they managed to pierce both ears at the same time for Scarlet. It was not a happy affair but not even 5 minutes later we were back to our normal happy selves. I'm sure it was 100% due to the fact that a lollipop was shoved into her mouth, but hey, the tears stopped and it seemed that she forget that a traumatic event had taken place at all. Hasn't bothered her since either. So all in all, a very big and important accomplishment. 

2. Since this happened we are sleeping through the night all the way up until 7:20am. This is a HUGE thing cause last week and the week before that we were waking in the 6 o'clock and even sometimes the 5 o'clock hours. It was terrible and made for a sleepy day. She would want to nap by 9:30am and couldn't have a second afternoon nap cause we would be out and about picking up her brothers from school. But now, all is well again. 

3. We are, as a direct result of number 2, taking a mighty fine afternoon nap that lasts well over 2 hours in length. This is much better than the 1.5 hours from before and we seem to have finally made our way over that bump that is transitioning from 2 naps to 1, and are all the better for it! (Lots of we's here but anything that happens to her surely happens to me too). 

4. She's talking so much, trying to say more big words (ba - ball, doosh - juice, baba - bubble, yesh - yes). And she's become so playful and silly, trying to initiate playing games with us, peekaboo being an ongoing favorite. She usually loves to play around door frames and best of all, does these incredible wide lunges (much like a 2nd plie if you're familiar with ballet ;), rocking back and forth to peek her head out and grin at us. 

5. She's jumping or at least trying to. In my experience as a dance teacher, jumping is something little ones master around age 3 or even in some cases, not till 4. But this one is adamant that she will be a jumper and she loves to practice. When she attempts it, her knees bend really low and then her arms raise quickly to the sky as does her chin, and her bottom lifts a few inches and she gets to her tippy toes. And that's as far as it goes. No air. It's so funny. And she thinks she's so good at it. 

6. On Monday afternoon, she nursed for the last time. I knew that was it and I treasured that one last moment so much, stroking her hair and tucking it behind her little ear while she looked up at me. This is the end of an era for me and it's as sad as it is sweet. Ah, watching your last baby grow into a toddler and letting go of those precious tiny baby parts of themselves is just heart wrenching. But it's okay. I know there are so many exciting moments to come. I just sometimes find myself wanting to freeze time for just a bit though, you know.  
Sticking her tongue out at me. Oh my goodness!! 

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