Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mama and Mini Style {high rise baby}

These high waisted jeans are my new faves. I kinda wear them everyday. Sure they give me the longest bottom in the world but it's all good. I love the fact that 1. they never slide down enough to show said bottom and 2. somehow, their super snazzy elongating and tightening fabric/cut manage to do just that, elongate and cinch in everything. And the end result is a really flattering fit. Who woulda thought? High waisted jeans are in fact, supremely flattering. Well, to be honest, I did try a belly button waisted pair from Old Navy about 5 years ago and they managed to do all sorts of nasty things to my general appearance. But J. Crew has figured out the magic formula. As they so often do!
{me: hat - Target, shirt - Forever 21, jeans - high rise from J. Crew, boots - Matisse
Scarlet: vest - Old Navy, dress - South Africa, shoes - Minnetonkas}

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