Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Holiday Soiree {for YOU Magazine}

I wanted to share all of my favorite shots from a recent shoot I worked on for Green Bay's YOU Magazine. I styled 4 ladies and 4 gents, the girls in outfits from local boutiques Azure and Furs of Distinction, and the guys in looks from their own wardrobes. This was a fashion and lifestyle feature, so it incorporated all sorts of other fun elements. I loved the opportunity to stretch myself a bit, taking on an entire holiday soiree (at 11am in early October) and all the details for throwing a pretty party. We incorporated a holiday playlist, a scrumptious appetizer recipe, a party decor tip, and of course, the clothes! And the stylists at Salon 54 did an amazing job creating party ready hair (like the crown braid) and achieving the most gorgeous metallic makeup. So here is a look at all the detailed shots taken that morn.
Thank you to all these fabulous couples for modeling and for laughing, talking and having a faraway look in their eye on cue. And for not eating or drinking despite the yummy chokes and cheese and that red wine. Speaking of, a huge thank you to Bob for making our chokes and cheese. It's soo good, you guys. And a huge thank you to Azure, Furs of Distinction, The Wine Cellar, and Salon 54

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