Thursday, November 20, 2014

1 Piece - 3 Ways {for YOU magazine}

I had the pleasure of working with the amazing talent Eric Schwanke of Carbon Copy Studios for this assignment. This guy creates such magic with film and digital alike and I was thrilled that he said yes when I asked him if he would photograph me for this style feature. So I wanted to share the pictures here with you. Thank you to Callista for allowing us to shoot in her back yard, a stunning little beach with a beautiful sunset almost every night. 

First outfit - holiday work party 
 {jacket - Asos, dress - Asos, booties - Plato's Closet}

2nd look - Christmas day with the fam
{shirt - Crewcuts, jeans - J. Crew, shoes - Zara, hat - Target}

And outfit #3 - New Year's Eve (the cozy way)
I wore this beaded crown on my wedding day. It was a gift from my best friend, who came over from South Africa to be in my wedding. It's a really special piece of jewelry and I have been waiting for a good opportunity to wear it again. :) Since "crowns" are in again, I thought NYE would a perfect night for a statement piece. 

And this skirt! You'll die! It is also from my wedding. The bridesmaids wore them, with deep burgundy/plum sweaters that had a fur collar. I mean …. So I asked my sister if she still had hers and she did! And I wore it. I know! The year 2000 was as brilliant as it was scary. 
{sweater - Forever 21, skirt - Express, heels - T J Maxx}

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