Friday, November 21, 2014

Mama and Mini Style

I have a new pair of glasses and I don't even need them! They're purely for fun and I've always wanted a pair of hipster just-for-fun specs. So when Firmoo emailed and said they'd like to send me a pair, I did a happy dance. I'm really loving them and they seem to be good quality frames that will hold up to little hands constantly tugging them off my face. 

Firmoo is currently offering a first pair free program on select frames for first time customers. Click here to check it out!

And I also want to make special note of these pants. I have a selection of pieces in my wardrobe that were given to me by a very lovely lady who said "I'm just not going to wear it". I was the lucky girl that claimed Johanna's clothing just before they reached Goodwill! So I have a new mission and that is to share ways to style those particular pieces and to inspire her to break out of her comfortable fashion bubble and get into some of those more exciting pieces that she's purchased but not really worn. 

When it comes to fitted pants (these are thicker with a seam along the front) or leggings there is one major rule and that is simply, balance it out. Something that tight on the bottom must always be worn with a blouse or sweater (or combo thereof) that is not only relaxed and oversized BUT also tunic length. Now maybe it's okay to not follow this rule as a teen (although honestly, the only time I want to see someone's booty in leggings or anything that tight is in dance class), but as a mama I think it is for the betterment of the entire world and everything in it that, should we decide to wear leggings, we cover our bottoms. Are we in agreement? ;) That's why I recently went through a complete ditch the leggings phase. But now that it's boot season again and I have a plethora of long sweaters and shirts I'm including them in the casual Monday rotation. The thicker, the better. See through leggings are just about the worst thing ever. Right up there with thongs peeking over the top of  jeans. Ha! Remember when ...

{me: hat - Target, eye glasses - Firmoo, sweater - Kohls, blouse - H&M, pants - Johanna's closet, boots - Matisse
Scarlet: shirt - Gap, leggings - Zara Kids, boots - Gap}

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