Monday, November 17, 2014

That 90's Leather Skirt

{jacket - H&M, sweater - Forever 21, skirt - mom's 90's closet, shoes - Platos's Closet
lips - Jemma Kidd "Iconic" (Target)}

This skirt clung to several hips through the 90's and I am now the very lucky owner, proudly wriggling my hips into it. Can't call it vintage as it has really only been a little over 20 years but boy, the cut of this little number is insane. It seems to have been made for a corseted "vintage" waistline and after cinching in and cutting off your oxygen supply, it then bubbles out for a decently wide set of hips. So not the easiest silhouette to make work but I decided after 3 tries that this blouse and sweater combo would hide the funniest parts and feature the coolest. Leather skirts are sooooo cooool right now and I'm not going to miss out on that wild fun. ;) You'll have to join me and share your pics. Okay?

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