Friday, December 19, 2014

Holiday Red and Berry Crowns

Back again with more outfits! I love wearing red this time of year, right through February in fact. It's festive and then all Valentinezy and it looks great on just about everyone. Ever tried red? You'll likely be surprised by the result. It really is a great color and it looks so striking on. Give it a go! Really. 

I remember the first time anyone ever told me that "red is your color". I was about 12 years old and I was in dance class (living in South Africa at the time). We were given a dress up day, meaning we were to wear something fun and "experimental" to class, not regular class attire or even an ordinary performance costume. I honestly can't remember the why's of it all but I do remember the outfit (this happens a lot! ;) So I had on red but not only that, I had somehow cut circles into my tights (or was it leotard - the details are hazy) and so, there I was, all hole-y and black / red. It was very 80's, mind you, and very impressive. Haha! My first attempt at fashion design I could say. And most importantly, my teacher told me that I looked good in red and should wear it more often. I'll never forget … much like I'll never forget the "you might need to lose some weight" or "you'll never have good feet" or "SMILE Kirsty!!!" Ugh, the joys and heart ache of the ballet world. 

Got a little off track but back I come … so red, yes. It certainly looks good on the little lady whose name is shared with the hue. And the berry crowns are just a little holiday fun, made for us by our lovely friend Sunny with Ebb and Flow Flowers. Please fresh crowns, don't ever, ever go out of style. We love you so!
{mama: shirt DHS by Tyler Lambert (GB - and more on this up and coming local designer coming here and to YOU mag in January)
mini: sweater - Gap, leggings & boots - Zara}

I took a plethora of shots of Scarlet and her cousin Jude inside my sister's home. They were just so happy and cute.

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