Monday, December 8, 2014

Mama and Mini Style - Christmas Dresses

Hello friends! I have our first set of Christmas dresses to share today. Yes, the first! Scarlet has a special dress to wear to church each Sunday this month and I have a few special events this month too. So we're going to share all our prettiest frocks here and here's week 1.

I wore this outfit to a women's brunch on Saturday morning, a morning spent shopping lots of local handmade goods, sitting and relaxing while being served a yummy breakfast and best of all, 3 hours of girl time! This brunch really is one of my favorite holiday traditions. I had to sort of emcee the event, a task that had my hands shaking, but I figured that if I could go on TV and talk about fashion then I could get on a stage and talk to 800 ladies. Right? Whew. I don't know what's happening here but my life seems to be taking a very intentional direction towards pushing me to try new, nerve wrecking things. My hands get shaky and my tummy feels sick. But I'm trying to take the bull by the horns and enjoy it. You'd laugh if you had ever seen me in high school or college, even my 20's for that matter. I despised talking in front of groups and still prefer to just sit and listen rather than add my voice. But thank goodness for dance and oral comm class. Ha! They must've helped me somehow as I'm managing. And best of all, I'm actually really starting to enjoy this stuff. So we'll see where it leads. Crazy, crazy stuff though.
{dress - Kingdom and State via Brickyard Buffalo, belt - Anthropologie, bracelet - J.Crew, clutch, Anthropologie, boots - Target}
{dress - Target, tights - Old Navy, shoes - Zara Kids, coat - T J Maxx, hair bow - H&M}

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