Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Our Christmas Home {all the decorations!}

I hosted a favorite things party on Sunday night (see Instagram for more pics from that) and it was such a blast! 19 ladies joined in the merriment and so we had about 95 gifts under the tree. Quite a sight! My 5 gifts at the end, which were 5 of my friends favorite things, were a tiny potted succulent, a knot ring and lip gloss, a pair of cozy socks and a pair of tweezers, a Starbucks gift card and a giant pine cone with a bottle of glitter spray. Fun huh?

So because my home was still so tidy from preparing for the party the night before and since I had an arrangement of the most beautiful flowers on my table (from Ebb and Flow Flowers of course ;), I thought it was the perfect time to take some photographs of the house all decorated for Christmas. Not to mention the fact that on Friday we FINALLY got our new couch from Ikea, after all sorts of back and forth and this and that (I am indebted to Holly for that - you are so, so wonderful!). And anyway, after a very large amount of time spent on putting it together, all my husband's doing, which included the not so time consuming connecting of all the pieces plus the very time consuming ironing of each slipcover … well, this couch deserves some photos too! We're very happy with it so far. It's incredibly comfy (meaning, I literally can't sit down to watch TV or movie without falling asleep eventually and I'm all the better for it) and I'm loving the fact that each cushion zips off to go into the wash plus it can be replaced with new inexpensive slipcovers from Ikea at any point. We could even change the entire color in a year should we want to. Brilliant couch for a large messy family like ours with a restless mom who loves changing the decor every so often.

So without further ado, the Soderhamn sectional. It comes in lots of pieces. So our final purchase included a corner piece, 2 sofa pieces, a footstool, and 2 arm rests (which we did not put on). It comes with 2 pillows per seat square, one big and one small, and I've interspersed a few of my own. Santa's helper is bringing me 3 kilim pillows from an Etsy store in Turkey that has the best prices I've found for  vintage kilim pillow covers ever (seriously great prices and the covers are quality in person too) and anyway, I can't wait to add them to this set up after the holidays. Very exciting find!
Miniature trees are from Julie Collings Etsy store. Pyramid mirror box is from Urban Outfitters
Here are some my favorite ornaments, given to the boys over the years. Parker's dinosaur and robot, Monty's donkey, and Elliot's cowboy snowman. :)
Reindeer plate from Anthropologie
Hand tied fresh garland (around windows) from Costco
The velvet couch has found a new home in the fireplace room and "AH!" look at the dust bunnies under it! My camera caught that better than my eye did. 

We picked up a few more Ribba shelves a little while back and added them in this room too. I wanted a low shelf for kid's books and higher shelves to set some of our newer family photos, still not printed. Frames also from Ribba series (it's just so uniform and so cheap) and prints from Kelli Murray Art, The Black Apple and Urban Outfitters.
Ta Da & The End :)


  1. The house looks beautiful! I am digging that dark couch (and this is coming from a light-couch lover). Thanks for sharing your divine home, friend!

  2. With warm promotion from decoration company, imitation of other home design comes to home-owner regardless of their home structure.


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