Sunday, December 28, 2014

White Dress & Tiny Tea

{dress - Asos}

Little one has been playing with her new tea set non-stop since Christmas morning and it's so cute to watch. She brings us each a cup of tea every few minutes and then runs back to pour more. On this occasion little E jumped in for his morning cup. 

I'm loving these last few lazy December days, with "nothing" to do but sit around drinking Scarlet's tea and watching as many matinee movies (at the theater too!) as is possible. Not to mention the very exhilarating planning we're putting into our night out on Wednesday, an evening that I hope to goodness I'll be able to get through without falling asleep. But we have big (FUN) plans and well, we'll see. I'm sure I'll need lots of coffee. But fun though right? Lots of FUN. :)

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