Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Best of 2014 in Photos

I thought I'd take a look through my web albums and review the best of this year - 2014. Sorry in advance, but there were so many good memories and pictures to share. 

~ January ~
It started with this little lady all cute and cozy and just 8 months old. Plus I still had long, long hair. 

~ February ~
We cut our hair (after I first tried pink!) and the butterfly turned 9 months old.

~ March ~
We made the best of the polar vortex which inevitibly equalled the worst winter ever and took the little ladies out for cupcakes and hair glitter (completely unrelated … or maybe a little? :)

 ~ April ~
We celebrated Easter and took some of my favorite sister pics in spring flower crowns.

~ May ~
We took tons of photos cause Scarlet turned ONE!

~ June ~
Our summer began and we spent every beautiful day outside plus Monty turned 7.

~ July ~
We took a trip to Nashville to hang out with my sister, celebrated the 4th out on the water and we were lucky enough to have my beautiful friend Jace take photos of our family. 

~ August ~
We had more family photos, this time with Eric (so lucky!), took the family to Door County and made a few trips to the farmer's market.

~September ~
We went apple picking, Scarlet and I had a fancy mama and mini shoot and our family celebrated life with an end of summer soiree. 

~ October ~
The kids raked leaves till the cows came home, we made a visit to the pumpkin patch, and little E took every opportunity to dress up as a ninja.

~ November ~

We had so many fun features come out in YOU mag, holiday parties and sequins on the beach, Phil and I had a mini vacay in Chicago, and the holiday madness approached. 

~ December ~
And here we are, with these adorable snow babes at the Christmas tree farm plus all the kids together on Christmas morn.
Thanks for following along friends. Lots of love and Happy New Year! 
xoxo Kirsty

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