Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Still Loving Style Despite Frozen Temps

It's January 7th and Wisconsin is living up to its icy reputation. One of the toughest consequences of plummeting temperatures is my lack of energy or creativity, particularly for anything that requires effort on my part. I think many of us find ourselves in the same boat, right? And at not too good a time, seeing as we're supposed to be purposing ourselves to all the things that might improve and better our lives for the new year. Ah! Bitter cold makes me want to curl up, swallowed into my comfy couch with my favorite reruns stretching on and on into a coffee heavy oblivion. Now that sounds about perfect. But I must try to be a good mom ... maybe even cook and clean every so often, I suppose. 

Okay, my point is this. Despite all that, I have found a moment or two to put on good clothes. The kind that make me feel less of a slob and more of a inspired celestial being, one that can still cook and craft and dance and write and photograph like my once passionate inner goddess thought she could. Oh, those were the good ol' / warm ol' days huh?! 

The cold sucks in all my passions and general effectiveness(es?) and puffs it smokily away.  

But I still like clothes, by golly! And I'm making the effort to actually put them on in the morning so might as well just reach for the good stuff. Right girls? If style has even the vaguest ability to not only pull me out of my slumber-some slump but also put a pep in my step, then I bet it might do the same for you.

So my word of encouragement for you today (as I wearily eyeball the way minus zero happening outside my window with a sore throat to show for it), take off those dreadful sweats and that madly unattractive fleece (preaching to the choir). Slip on a pair of jeans and warm socks under your snow boots. Grab something warm and in a color you like, preferably an item that doesn't resemble pajamas, and pop on all the cozy extras. Do it! Now go grab a cup of coffee somewhere, even if it's just you and your mini. Or meet a friend for a lunch, even if it's a bowl of soup. Get off the couch, out of the house and make sure you've added mascara to your lashes and pink to your cheeks. You'll feel all the better for it. 

This is what I love most about clothing. Its uncanny ability to enliven my mood. To take me from haggard and cold to … happy, and cold. 
{me: jacket - Wet Seal (very old), dress - Free People, sweater - Loft
Scarlet: dress - consignment}

These 2 posers were hilarious here. Elliot was trying to do his rockstar poses and Scarlet was trying to copy him.

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