Thursday, March 5, 2015

Little Style {little girl blue}

Hello friends! Goodness I miss posting here sometimes. Remember when I'd be knocking out 4 or 5 posts each week? That was nuts!

I'm eager to get some delicious content for this space again and I'm hoping to start my photo per week of each of my kids, like we did last year. And I'd love to capture more of our everyday happenings again too, add a little more lifestyle of the not-rich and not-famous but rather the boringly beautiful family life sort of stuff. I have a feeling it'll pick up dramatically as our spring sweeps slowly through these parts and we begin to relish the newness of it all again. Pictures outside, what a dream! We also start up our mad awesome party season again with March and back to back birthdays are heading this way! Of course I'm dreaming about Scarlet's 2nd birthday celebration like it's her wedding day while at the same time wishing it would never come. With birthday #2 comes a room makeover (in each child's case) and so that's always fun. Hello big girl bed!

What else? Scarlet and I hope to be in a little ballet photo shoot of our own, a sort of prelude to the "grand finale" I'm putting together for YOU mag. (Ballet pictures with my girl, woohoo!) This fashion story currently includes 9 models. 9! It's going to be amazing and now I just need to be up to the challenge of bringing this vision to life. Such a huge endeavor for me each time I do it but always fun. There are so many incredible details that are all falling into place so exquisitely. I'll try to keep a few surprises though.

In the meantime, let's enjoy this little lady in her Sunday best. ;)
{dress - Gap, shoes - Target}

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