Saturday, March 7, 2015

Pink Spring

Today was warmmmmmm (.... ish)! And I basked in the glory of it all by wearing a very pretty pastel pink. Mmmmmmm .... sun. Feel free to insert an absurdly excessive amount of sun and sparkles, hearts and happy face emojis here. They couldn't come close to how I feel about the thaw but I sure don't mind trying. If you follow my Insta account - easy click on the left bar - you'll understand my reckless love for those tiny renderings. Life absolutely changed. ;) 

Thoughts on today -
Open windows
Toasty sun
Bird chirping, really truly, right outside the window, even to the point that I wondered if he might actually fly into the house, at which point I closed window to a crack
(Actual) FOX still romping around in back yard and now considering if we must actually do something about it seeing as children will eventually start playing in the back yard again
Sudden craving for tropical fruit and margaritas
Less anxious to move to California :)

{sweater & shoes - Forever 21, blouse - Old Navy, jeans - J. Crew, bag - Urban Outfitters}

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