Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mama and Mini Style {gold}

{me: dress - Anthropologie, blazer - H&M, shoes - J C Penney
S: dress - Instagram @ockidscloset, sweater - Gap
M: jeans and high tops - H&M}

A photographic series depicting the expansive progression of an almost two year old's emotions in a 5 minute time frame. There were no smiles coerced in the making of this series.

We have been sick. Sick, sick, sick. Ear infections, pink eye, and strep throat tests with negative results but horribly sore throats. It's been yuck. But we're nearing the other side of that now, starting to feel much better, and thinking we might be able to start to have some energy again. You think the worst is over when spring finally arrives and SLAM! that last minute round of viruses makes it through and wipes you out all over again. Here's to a warmer, healthier May (my coffee is raised to yours ;).

We're loving metallics again this spring, we as in "I", and I'm favoring gold when it comes to the little lady. Her closet has been overtaken by gold! It's such a beautiful, whimsical color … I'm even considering a peach and gold color scheme for her birthday party.

Speaking of parties, May is party month over here, so get ready! We'll have a backyard dinner party for YOU magazine, a dance recital (with lots of party details included), my own birthday which I'll have to create some fun wish lists for (hoping husband will be reading my blog in the next 2 weeks), and the little lady's 2 year old birthday party. Can't wait for party month to get here! (and many prayers for my sanity to stay intact please friends ;)

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