Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Day Her Crib Came Down

Yes, I photo-documented it in excruciating detail. Yes, I'm melodramatic. Yes, there may have been glassy eyes. 
As you can see, Scarlet was ready for this and happy to help! She's actually been out of her crib for a good month already, sleeping on a mattress on the floor, placed right next to it. We tried to build her new bed with its entire frame, since she seemed so ready for the change. But once it was up and so high off the floor, she was not happy. So back down it went, onto the floor again. Now she's happily sleeping on her mattress, on the floor, with her headboard propped behind her (carefully so as not to fall over). We're taking baby steps towards the full change which should happen nearer to her birthday. She's getting some new bedding to go along with her little room makeover and I'm starry eyed over this Moroccan wedding blanket I found at Anthro cause I've been wishing for one for like ever. This one has less of the pretty sequined accents (than most Moroccan wedding blankets I've seen in pictures) which thankfully translates into a much more affordable price but lots of great fringe as well ... so now we wait for it to arrive. We'll take lots of detailed pictures once everything is finally in its place. I plan to move all her animal heads (sounds so creepy doesn't it?!) into a vignette and her grandma is helping me add a magical swan head to her unicorn and deer collection. The perfect addition to her wonderland wall. 

Fancy pants-big girl-two year old room, here we come!

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