Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Family Style {black lace and polka dot ponchos}

 {me: blouse - Zara, skirt - Free People from Besselli (GB), heels - Target
S: dress - thrifted, poncho - Gap (both from her cousin A), moccs - Django from Poppy's Closet
P: Gap all the way!, glasses - Jonas Paul Eyewear}
Life is good! I mean, how can it be anything else but really, really good especially when you look at the smiles on these two faces. Sure there are things, things here and far away, things that clutch at your heart and try to scare you senseless. Opportunities for fear to creep in and take hold of me and overwhelm me. Fears that don't just interrupt my now but take over the futures of my children, turn my shiny hopes and dreams for these kids into a vision that seems more apocalyptic, instead of what they should be, certain in my God's plan for us and for them and for their children. I know many of you have those moments too, when the world just messes up badly enough to make you fear this life more than you trust in God. I hear you. It's hard to see the beauty in life sometimes, especially when there is so much ugly. Let's move forward together, focusing on the job we have right now, raising children that will be compassionate and brave enough to love and change the world, to make a difference. Kids that will not be afraid but instead have faith to move mountains. Let's be examples of that. Praying for all of you that are struggling today, with sickness or with bigger fears. I'm thinking about you and praying for you and sending you lots of love. You've been on my mind …

This post was supposed to be about black lace and polka dot ponchos. Ha! Well never mind that.

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