Saturday, May 2, 2015

Anthro Love

I just received my Anthropologie May catalog in the mail today and it was breath taking. They went to South Africa to shoot this catalog and so I devoured everything inside, oohing and ahing at all the beauty. It really is a gorgeous issue and the shots are unbelievable. So happy to see our beautiful SA captured in this light.

I'm off to Milwaukee next Saturday to do some birthday shopping with my mom and sister and the Anthro store is always top of my list. If I had loads and loads of moolla to spend, here's what I'd come home with …

This wallpaper takes the shape of an enchanted forest, one that gives the illusion of a actual painting come to life on your wall. It's perfect for a family home with lots of wild imaginations … one with a great big blank wall. 
Just a simple pair of white denim shorts. So chic and so perfect for summer days. (Love the grey too!)
Gold sandals are the perfect metallic to wear with everything
Nude booties with gold sparkle, are you kidding me? 
Would love to get this one for the kids 
Maybe one for me?
And the best spot to read our new books

Here's a look at the video from their travels to South Africa. You'll have to get your hands on the May catalog. So, so beautiful! 

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  1. The video was breathtaking! The mural would be so fun for a kids room. I was dreaming on their website las night.


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