Friday, June 19, 2015

Aletta's Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

Hello friends! It's been ages! 

We stole the family away for a week in Tulsa, visiting my little sister Cara and her awesome little family. We don't get to see them nearly enough and now after returning home, I feel suddenly deprived. It was so wonderful being there and smashing all of our bodies (plus my parents) into one small space. Bonding on overdrive! Sorry Uncle Jonny. ;)

2 big reasons to make this trip:
1 - Aletta turned 2 and had the sweetest Minnie Mouse birthday party. 
2 - Cara is pregs with #2 and had a baby shower thrown by her BFF.

Phil and I met in Tulsa 16 years ago and have so many incredible memories in that city, so it's so much fun to return. My family emigrated there from South Africa in 1993 and I attended high school for 3 years and then left to travel with a dance company for 2 and a half years after that but returned to attend ORU again. All in all, I only lived there for about 5 years but SO many memories packed into those 5. They seem to account for at least 10 years worth in my mind but I suppose high school really does chock up a lot in your diary, doesn't it? 

I have much to share from our trip but wanted to start with this beautiful little lady ... 
Aletta LOVES "Hot Dog" (Mickey Mouse's theme song and often title for most littles) as every child surely does and Cara threw her such a fun 2nd birthday party with lots of adorable details. So here they are!

So lovely. Good job Cara Mellow and happy birthday Aletta!

Aletta's dress - Instagram shop @ockidscloset
Cake - Ludger's Bavarian Bakery in Tulsa
Cake topper - Hey Sugar! in Green Bay
Balloons - Party City

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