Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Our Summer Floral Workshop - Part 2

Hello! I'm back with all the remaining pictures from our floral workshop held over the weekend. You'll see all of our guests hard at work, taking the tips and tricks from Sunny's tutorial and putting them to good use. It's so impressive to see how unique each arrangement is, so different but equally gorgeous. Loved this! Take a look at all the lovely details ... 
And here are all their masterpieces! 

All the flower crowns ... 
And all the arrangements ... 
And a few close ups so you can see how great they are. :)
Each guest took home a goody bag along with their flowers. Here's what was included - 

Rosewater Mist from Ginger Birch
A notebook and pencil from Wild Ginger
A gift card from Hey Daisy!
A coupon from Azure
 A discount from Travis at Salon 54
A coupon from August Haven

Thanks so much to all boutiques and vendors that contributed to our goody bag. And thank you to Hello Lemon for hosting us and to Cake and Cookie for the desserts. A huge thanks to Ebb and Flow Flowers for teaching us your magnificent ways! ;)

And thanks to all guests who came to this event. We LOVED having you. Friends, don't worry if you missed out cause you can join us for the next one. Let me know if you'd like to be on the floral workshop mailing list and you'll be the first to hear about any upcoming events.

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