Monday, June 29, 2015

Mama Style {Summer Brights}

{top - Zara, skirt - H&M, neckace - Anthropologie, bag - Free People, shoes - Target}

I tend to wear lots of white in the summer. Every time I get an email from Anthro/H&M/J. Crew urging to buy more summer clothes, those whites are the first items I click on. Love them! 

But color is not completely lost on me. When you open my closet doors, you'll see a dominant white-washed theme but also a decent chambray/denim line up. Following close behind is a solid group of black, and then the prints and colors bringing in the back. The brights tend to be dresses mostly and really, there's not much that's actually solid. It's mostly prints. Interesting ... guess that's just my summer vibe. Remember how much we loved bright denim a couple of years ago? My closet was filled with jewel tones then. :)

Sooo, after all of that, there's this skirt. It's a beautiful orange-y red and a great high paper bag waist. Such a fun burst of color for summer!

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