Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Totally in Love with Summer {a photo session with Squid Photography}

I had so much fun shooting with my dear friend Nichole Garcia who owns Squid Photography. We went down to my favorite little creek with a homemade fresh flower crown in hand and two cameras. We each had a mini session and it was so wonderful having a chance to just be comfortable and silly with a friend, but also to churn out some creativity from a lately deprived soul. I loved it! My main goal was to get in that water and as wet as possible and though I did not lay down completely as I had envisioned (yeah right), I did put my feet in all sorts of nasty, squishy places. And live to talk about it! So win win all around. 

There were bugs flying around our heads and biting our necks but we forgave them that indiscretion as they gave a sort of lighting bug effect to our photos. Just doing their peculiar part to make the world a more beautiful place. ;)

I love what Nichole did with these as they capture a real storybook fantasy feel that I'm crazy about. And these shots celebrate some of the things I truly love about this summer season. Glittering water, golden afternoons and enchanted forests all leave me slightly euphoric. 

Okay, let's get to it ... 
I recently joined an organization called The Rising Tide Society which has a motto that says "Educating and Empowering Creatives to Thrive in the spirit of Community over Competition." I loved that vision so much and have felt this way for so long now, so to be able to see that there are many, many creatives in this community and around the country (it's country-wide, if not global) who feel the same way is so awesome. Our first meeting had twenty-something in attendance and they were incredible artists. It really encompasses the entire realm of creativity, bringing in boutique owners, graphic designers, photographers, bloggers, writers, and entrepreneurs. So cool! 

I have to admit that though this concept is something I'm really passionate about, it is not common in the dance world, my first love. Studios tend to be incredibly competitive and afraid of collaboration and I get that. It's always the fear of losing business right? But that ballet photo shoot I did for YOU magazine really opened my eyes to a new side of dance in this city and an open-ness to share that passion together. It was amazing. Perhaps this idea can somehow blossom and grow into something magic here in the dance community. We shall see. 

If you'd like more info on The Rising Tide Society and would like to come to our next meeting, visit their Facebook page to get all the info (for this area). Hope to see you there! 

When you collaborate with another creative and share your loveliness with all of us, hashtag it #communityovercompetition to spread the word and begin to empower others to share their talents/experiences/genius/passions in a way that can produce art that is that much more spectacular. 

Thank you to Nichole with Squid Photography for these gorgeous pictures. I'll post my photos of her later this week. 

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