Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Scarlet's Birthday Bash

And here are all my iPhone pics!
Oh my goodness, you guys, throwing parties for this little lady is one of my favorite things ever. It's the perfect excuse to just go completely moggy with all things fantastically girly. It's the idea of turning my home into a fairytale world, with the greatest infusion of whimsy that I can muster (both creatively and more importantly, financially) that's the best thing!

So for Scarlet's 2nd birthday I really couldn't bring myself to settle on any one theme …. there's just too much goodness to include. But I will say that if there was anything that I hoped to overdose on, it was the flowers. I hot glued flowers onto the party hats, and used this amazing gold glitter tape to put fresh flowers on the wall. I found a sweet paper flower garland back in March that I strung along the window frame.

Then there were the balloons, peach and gold and a giant pink and gold confetti balloon with pink and gold crepe tassel. I'd always wanted to try that! It was beautiful. I really do love adding balloons to the ceiling for these little people parties. They make it instantly festive. This time I thought I'd put them in our summer tent, which we purchased to hang from a tree as an outside oasis for the kids. But it looked pretty perfect in our living room, with a king size quilt and lots of pillows (and will double as a cozy reading nook most of the time I think). We pushed all the balloons inside to fill the top. I purchased these adorable arrows from the party section at Anthropologie and we strung those from the ends of the ribbon.

This was a morning party so I served a strawberry and mango platter and Belgian waffles and whipped cream. Then there were pink frosted donut rings from Willow Street Bakery and strawberry milk. Of course we had to have lots of cake treats from Hey Sugar! There were passion fruit cupcakes with gooey centers and pink fondant bows. There was a lemon meringue cake topped with roses. And the grand finale, a 3 tier naked cake in vanilla with mascarpone icing. Topped with fresh berries and even fresh raspberries crushed into that icing, well, it was so yummy. Definitely a sweet morning!

Before everyone went home we had a dance party, since I'm well acquainted with how these little ladies love to free style (I'm pretty sure every little one there is one of my dance students as well ;).

Scarlet's dress was from Instagram shop @ockidscloset and her Django moccs from Poppy's Closet
Glass milk bottles - Target
Brown paper hats - Target
Flowers for hats - Hobby Lobby
Flower garland - Target
Glitter tape - Target
Cone ball garland - Target
Mini cake banner - Target
Flowers - Costco
Balloons, plates, napkins, and "S" balloon - Shop Sweet Lulu
Tent - Ikea

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  1. How precious. Looks like it was a beautiful party. :) Isn't it going by way too fast?!


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