Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Green Bay Summer {Dining on the Deck}

I've said this over and over again, but really, Green Bay is the most fantastic city to celebrate summer time with kids. There are plenty of places to take them to play and swim and so many city organized family activities each week. We really are lucky to live here and to have such a safe place to raise our children, a city that offers plenty to keep them busy and happy outdoors during the summer.

On this particular Wednesday we went boating down the river to the city deck, where all 15 of us hopped off for lunch. It's a weekly outdoor dining event that is catered (each has their own little stall where you can purchase eats) by several downtown restaurants, right there alongside the water. It's pretty fabulous. I usually get the fish tacos and chili con queso from Los Banditos and the kids usually get the pizza from Hagemeister Park and the fresh fruit cups.

And we always stop to play at the splash pad, whether suited up or not. The kids love to take a walk along the docks and sometimes sit and stare quietly into the water, until we're ready take a nap right there.

Now with this being said, I have to admit to feeling a little bit exhausted today. As thankful as I am for lots of fun local activities for the fam, I also think I might die if I have to go to another busy swimming pool/water park again. It's time for mommy to have a mini-vacay kids! Whew. We're at the 2 month mark for school break and well, it's been a nice long while now. But then in the same breath, there's only about 4 weeks left of their break and back to school we go. This absolutely saddens me and then on other days, elates me.

So I thought I'd make a Pro - Con list. I mean, why not?

Pros for going back to school

1. I get (semi) alone time again - be still my heart
2. I can take a morning class of my own (ballet?/painting?/yoga?/karate?just kidding) and maybe something special with Scarlet (creative movement?/music?)
3. I do actually love autumn
4. Once I adjust, I actually enjoy normal bed times and daily routines
5. As a result of normal bedtimes, I get to watch TV again with my husband without falling asleep almost immediately. Plus I have so many shows to catch up on now
6. I can finally get to my projects, like the basement clean out/re-do and Scarlet's room makeover, and all the other odds and ends I want to do around the house

Cons for going back to school (and I'm sure 90% of you will agree)
1. We LOVE sleeping in
2. I'm finally used to later nights, longer dinners out, family fun nights and stress-less bedtimes
3. We're really loving our no rush summer time schedule
4. Back to school for kids means back to work for me
5. I'm really gonna miss the long sunny, warm days
6. Summers are just so stinking happy and relaxed, aren't they?
9. We'll say good bye to trips away, boating, swimming, grilling, sunsets, sun dresses, tans, sun beached hair, green & flowers. Gah! I'm almost in tears over here. Not really. But almost.
10. Winters just flat out scare me
11. Basically, I'm a super chill person and summer is all about CHILLIN' so … we're a match made in heaven

So there, the pros and cons. I'm sure I'll think of many more after I hit POST. 

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