Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mama Style {la la la leopard}

 {dress - T J Maxx, bag - H&M, sandals - Zara}

It seems that animal prints take a vacation along with the rest of the US during summer breaks, don't they? But I bought this dress a few years ago and still love it (feels like I'm wearing a long, comfy t-shirt) and though I'm sure I'm a month too early for leopard here I am! Fashion trends are so predictable and I don't even care. In fact, I love it. Leopard and spicy colors come fall, plaids and leathers come winter, pastels and florals come spring, stripes and chambray come summer. I'm all for it cause each of those trends make my closet a little more excited for each new season. Plus I always know that even though I'm tired of looking at my sequin dresses in early spring, I'll be googley eyed over them when November arrives. It's the cycle of style. ;)

I even styled this little leopard number for a fashion/travel article for YOU mag last year. Take a peek  here - loved that pink hair! Here in Wisconsin, these sandals are such a conversation starter. Seriously. If you ever need a little help in that area (like I do), buy a pair. You'll have all sorts of people you've never talked to coming up to you to comment on them. Church is one of those times when I get the most outfit feedback; good time to test something out. It'll be both "I love it" and "That looks like my daughter's halloween costume". I really don't mind the "constructive criticism" at all ... I think it's amusing. But these, well, they get the most feedback of anything I've worn and it's always in the "I love it" category. I even had a husband ask to take photos of them to send to his wife. Not even kidding. Wasn't weird at all. ;)

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  1. I love it too, the gladiators make it a brand new outfit.


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