Friday, July 24, 2015

The Summer Life

Hello friends! 

This has been such a busy week for me but I'm finally grabbing a moment to catch up here again. Yay! It shouldn't have been so busy cause the boys were all at a fine arts camp during the mornings, but we managed to fill it up with all sorts of to-do's. The little miss is fast asleep and the boys all preoccupied, so now I'm here catching up with blogland. 

I've been writing a lot lately, in fact, just not here. There was one article for YOU Magazine's Beauty issue which comes out next month and is much more personal than what I've contributed in the past, which is exciting and nerve-wrecking. And the other piece is a work in progress but one I hope to submit to another magazine, one that prints bi-annually and has a nation wide distribution. My creative collabs and I are also working on an awesome photo shoot for submission and we're really going all out for this, so we're pretty excited. Will share some peeks at what goes down with that. But think lanterns, a gold mask and a white dress. Really ethereal and elegant. This has to be one of my favorite past times, dreaming and creating unreal photo shoots like this. The more fantasy, the better. 

We also had some South African friends in town that we spent lots of time with (missing you girls so much and all those hectic laughs) and I met a blog reader/fellow South African (completely unrelated to the first 2) who recently moved in town (hi Lee-Anne!) which has been really fun. So lots of relaxing hang outs lately which is the loveliest thing to do and take advantage of during these gorgeous summer months. In winter we hibernate, so I feel like I see no one but my family for months on end. We just love Green Bay summers!

So for now, I have a little picture update highlighting my favorite moments from the past 2 weeks. Hope to snap a few pictures worthy of another fashion post soon, with a hot and stylish weekend ahead. ;) But I've been doing most of my photo taking on my phone, so here you have it!
 An evening spent at Bay Beach, the best time to go. We all went down this slide side by side, all 6 of us. Elliot on his dad's lap and Scarlet on mine. S and I got stuck on top of that last hump and had to push our way over. It was a blast … the whole evening. (Speaking of getting stuck on slides, you may enjoy a video of my friend and I doing a giant water slide together - one that didn't go quite as expected. I'll post it at the end :)
While the boys ride their dirt bikes, Scarlet hangs out of the sunroof like a party girl.
We took the kids to a nearby park (Voyager for local friends) to do some fishing with the Wild Life Sanctuary. Was a big hit with the kids though I embarrassed myself horribly every time one of them came anywhere near me with their wormy hooks. Ran screaming.
This was a Wednesday evening family night at our church - Celebration Church - and it was so cool. (See, video below for more.)
Evening swims.
An ice cream date to Zesty's and a giant banana split plus a tummy ache to show for it. 
New greens added to the fireplace collection. This one is such a charmer. Thank you Costco!
A new dress from @ockidscloset. My first thought was star costume for Halloween! But I'm in love with this little dress so it won't be a one hit wonder. 
I took this girl out for coffee and a mag read and she fell asleep and stayed this way for most of our time there. It was adorable.
And lastly, this incredible location was the venue for a wedding that we attended. So beautiful!

Here's the video friends. Enjoy you weekend!

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