Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Back to School Pics 2015

Aaaaannnnnddddd we're back to schoooooool! Can you tell I'm a little bit excited about this! 
Longest summer ever but don't tell any of the moms I said that. ;)
Elliot Henry begins Kindergarten and I'm nervous/excited for this boy. Gah! Really nervous mostly but it'll be good right? Yes, really good. 
Monty Rowan begins 2nd grade and he's a pro so he's got this. 
Parker James begins 5th grade and he's an amazing student so it'll be awesome. Though I'm nervous for the potential of all that occurs in 5th grade ... that enormous potential for an insane amount of homework and studying. The eldest is always the newbie to everything and gets to test out each teacher first, so it's a bit nerve wrecking seeing how it all plays out. But he wants to own his own business one day and we discussed all the details over the summer so his 10 year plan is done. DONE. ;)
It's funny how big all the clothes were this morning. I had to change several outfits cause they weren't big enough to fit into their actual sizes yet (see Monty's cardi above). I guess back to school shopping is not yet checked off my list. Sheesh. 

We have to light up backpacks this year. In fact, I purchased only one for M originally and then a Batman backpack for little E. But as I pulled them out and proudly showcased my incredible talent for selecting appropriate school gear with each personality and preference in mind, I was met with a burst of tears from little E, who was completely unnerved that I had bought a Batman backpack instead of a light up version. The horror. So it was immediately corrected. I am at your beck and call kids, not problem.

They were so eager for this morning that P set his alarm for 6:30 which is the first time he's done this. And so they came to wake me up instead of the other way round. Cute huh? It went fairly smoothly, besides all the outfit switches that had to happen. All in all, a serene start to a big day. 

Tada! 2015/2016 here we come!

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