Monday, August 31, 2015

Mama Style {the start of fall

{sweater - T J Maxx, jeans - J Crew, shoes & hat - Target}

Our second week of school is underway and that means fall is approaching, sometimes as a subtle hint of things to come and other times really, truly here. It became dramatically cold at the beginning of last week and the trees got the message loud and clear, suddenly squeezing out pretty colors spotted here and there around town. But then the weather went back up into the summer 80's and the trees were as thoroughly confused as the rest of us. So now they're at a standstill or summoning up as many shades of green as they can muster. While we all love fall around here, no one wants to hit the ground running or anything. Slow and steady please. Slow and steady. First intoxicate us with your aromatic smells and spicy colors, then when we're completely infatuated with your yumminess, you can accost us with your chill. 

Anyway, this was one of those cooler days last week. Today, it's yoga pants and a tank top. Just cause it's a Monday I suppose that's a good enough excuse for me to go all yogi on everyone and wear my "workout" clothes. Even I am not immune to the call of the comfy pant. I just wear them incognito so no one recognizes me, succumbing to that dreaded dreariness. All it takes is a hat and huge sunnies and you're safe, or so it seems. :)

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