Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September Plans

It's finally September and boy oh boy is this an extraordinary month. This is the month that little baby Bomar will arrive and we are waiting on the edge of our seats for that phone call. As soon as my sister Cara goes into labor, my sister Daena and I will jump in a car and head down to Tulsa to meet the little one. At least we hope it'll be that easy! We're sooo excited to add another tiny lovely to our big family and the gender will be a surprise so we're eager to see what pops out. (if only it was that easy ;). 

And THEN, the wildest opportunity has come our way and Daena and I will be heading on a short adventure to New York City to fashion week and a few days of exploring Manhattan. It's one of those chances of a lifetime for us and our heads are spinning. But it's happening and while some of the details are still up in the air, we're on a plane on Sep. 16th. So crazy! Rest assured I'll be taking way more photos than are necessary on this trip and sharing all the fun on Instagram (@kirstyg) so look me up if you'd like to see our each and every step. Sounds a little creepy doesn't it? Social media is so weird. 

Anyway, the garment rack is beginning to fill with fall looks for both upcoming morning segments on our local news channel as well as this crazy huge trip. Deciding what to wear in NY is nuts. Not just the everyday shopping, coffee hopping, lazy restaurant-ing sort of outfits, but the fancier stuff. There's a wild chance we'll attend a show at fashion week and though it's completely just a possibility we're working on at the moment, if it actually happens, WHAT WILL I WEAR? If we cross that bridge I'll ask for your help. :)

Instagram gets far, far more action than this blog nowadays so be sure to say hi over there. It's just much less time consuming to pop something up there and time is not necessarily on my side, so I favor it over everything else. Plus it's just a bunch of eye candy over there and you don't have to worry with the writing. 2 pros in my book. You can also see a few behind the scene pictures from a  fantasy editorial shoot I worked on as a collaboration with some of my favorite people, Erin Hanson from Erin Jean Photography and Victoria from Snarls Salon in GB. We put everything into this and have great expectations, primarily a hope to have it published in a magazine we're all fans of. You never know how it will all turn out in the end but we're in the business of making our dreams come true, so you've got to give it a go. This does unfortunately mean that the images will not be released for some time but you can see the behind the scenes shots in the meantime. It was an awesome shoot with lilac hair extensions and a gold glitter mask, an ethereal blush dress and lanterns and candles scattered at the water's edge. Very atmospheric and so fun to style.

Have the best Tuesday friends and look for a special post coming soon sharing another sweet family photo session. Till then!

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