Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Our Trip to NYC - the movie!

{I'm going to break down our trip to New York Fashion Week into many, many posts. Bear with me. It's just too much fun to condense it all into one share. We begin with NYC - the movie! :)}

So that Uber guy with his cute little "I Can't Feel My Face" video totally inspired us to give it a go. Our plan was to dance all over the city and make a video of it but when you really get down to filming yourself dancing in NYC, you discover that there are remarkably more people around than you would ever have imagined and they are all surely staring at you making a fool of yourself. So while we did get some dancing in the hotel room, Times Square, an Uber ride, Central Park, Chelsea Market, on the train, and on our ride home at the airport, it wasn't nearly enough in my opinion. Boy do I wish we'd been brave enough to give 5th Avenue and the Brooklyn Bridge a try. But still, you might be impressed. ;) Thanks to Phil for editing this for us and doing so without complaint. You're so rad.

This video is dedicated to all the mamas out there who desperately need a girl's trip. Heehee. Life changer! xoxo

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