Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Wild Spirit {for YOU Mag}

Hello friends! It's been so long but I'm excited to finally have a moment to post again. Green Bay's YOU Magazine released their fall fashion issue last week when we were out of town, so I'm only now catching up on having a read. The feature is beautiful and captures all the colors, textures and nuances of fall (those things we love so very much up here in the north and are waiting in longing anticipation for!) so I'm sure you'll love it. Please grab a mag when you're out and about and support a wonderful read. 

I want to share all the extra pics from our shoot with you. This experience was absolutely awesome for me and I was completely in love with the clothes. For this story I selected Fiore (downtown), The Ultimate Closet (Green Bay), and Apricot Lane (Bay Park Square Mall) to showcase with 3 gorgeous models helping me out. We had my favorite lady, Victoria Stencil with Snarls Salon and Rossemary Alcantara with Salon 54 doing the most incredible things with hair and makeup, with makeup supplied by Erth Minerals

My vision for this fall fashion story was earthy and wild, so I decided to shoot at Bayshore Park using these incredible rock walls as our backdrop. We had to reschedule this shoot as our original time was completely soaked with heavy rain and I had horrible visions of the girls getting wet and muddy hiking around these cliffs. There was just no way I could add umbrellas and turn it into something whimsical and fun out in the rain. But I definitely thought long and hard about that possibility! 

My muse this fall is that women with a bit of a rebel side, the one who doesn't care about the "rules" of fashion or the trends but follows her heart and her loves and stays authentic and true to herself. She loves the romance of a feminine dress but styles it with a leather jacket to create an edgier, undone look and she's all about messy hair and eyeliner, vintage treasures like that perfect little hat or those delicate gold bangles, and she loves her platforms. Every style decision is intentional ... but it's important that it not look that way. She is fall's wild spirit. 

{clothes provided by Apricot Lane)
 {clothes provided by The Ultimate Closet}
 {clothes provided by Fiore}
Thank you to Forte Models for providing the modeling talent {Catalina and Kirsten} and to my dear friend Ellen for providing  ... well, her awesome and beautiful self. ;)

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