Thursday, September 10, 2015

What I Want to Wear - Tromping Around New York City

So I mentioned last week that my sister and I are heading to NYC for fashion week (I know!!!!!) and that trip is now just around the corner. Though the temps seem to be keeping steadily in the summer 80 degree range, I'm dreaming of a more transitional fall wardrobe for our adventure. So keep in mind, this is what I want to wear (layers, hats, booties, jackets), not what I plan on packing. Two very different things ... sigh. 

Let me just make note, first of all, that going on a trip with my bestie is not entirely easy. I mean, and don't roll your eyes, it's just that it's so stinking difficult for a mama to take a vacation. I'm sure you know what I mean if you've had the chance to steal away on a girl's only trip. I'm 99.9% certain I've never taken a few nights away like this somewhere fabulous and far off. It's a first, I'm sure of it! I hesitate slightly cause I bet the husband will remember a time ... 

All I can say is that I'm equally over-the-moon and nervous-as-heck about this trip. 

Let's make a list shall we? 

I mean, it's New York City! 
Food, shopping, a fashion show, sight seeing, people watching, new experiences, awesome memories

What will happen to our kids?
Will husband remember to feed them? pack their snacks/lunches? get them to school on time? will Scarlet nap? will he brush her hair? possibly worse, will boys brush their hair? will they get homework done? will they bathe? will they make extracurriculars? will they break out in stress rashes? will Scarlet be miserable? 

I know, I know, deep breath. Of course it'll be fine. It'll be fine. It' 

We're going to New York City!

So back to the subject line, what I want to wear in NYC. First of all and most importantly, I'm ready for booties. 
Always love hats and leather jackets for fall but kinda loving these denim jacket looks too, an unexpected twist from a spring favorite but so cute when cozied up the right way. And this last look is just a bonus ... it's what I'd LOVE to wear if I were heading somewhere really fancy - perfection!

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