Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Mama and Mini Style {Sweater Love}

I'm head over heels for sweaters right now, ready to hide in all that knit goodness and feel comfy and cozy for a few months. Ha! I'm also crazy about Hallmark Christmas movies at the moment; they've been on constantly for the past 4 days. I was shocked to see Christmas movies playing already and then rolled my eyes when I saw how cheesy they were. But I'm into it now and I'm proud of it! ;) Honestly, it's just a welcome relief from all the other horrible things happening in the world and the conversations on Facebook right now, so it's a way to think of something else for just a bit. Anyway, here's a bit of what Scarlet and I wore on Sunday. She's really into watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood on my phone at the moment. Thank goodness my screen in still intact!
{mama: sweater - Loft, skirt - Forever 21, tights - Loft, boots - Target
mini: dress - @ockidscloset, tights - Zara Kids, shoes - H&M}

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