Thursday, November 12, 2015

Mama and Mini Style {hipster dusters}

YES! We got some outfit pics for you yesterday and hopefully my mom is not the only one who appreciates this post. hah! Blogs are such a quiet place that I just have no idea whether anyone is there. Hello? At least I see you all on Instagram. :)

So this fall I'm feeling terribly hipster. I think it's just that time of year to embrace all things hip and cool, mostly cause we tend to drink copious amounts of coffee and if that isn't the most hipster thing you can do, then I've got it all wrong. But it also means my inner Urban Outfitter is unleashed and I'm suddenly craving, in addition to coffee, all things knit. So sweaters are now my everything and this longer duster length is the new big deal. I mean it! Do it. Hipster chic at its best. All you need to do (which I've not done here, of course) is add a felt or leather fedora. And I love those too so I'm just about set. At least in theory. It's pulling it all off flawlessly that's the tricky part I suppose. Pretending to be authentically awesome is easier said than done. But as a friend once pointed out, I do have a husband with a beard so .... 

(you must visit @socalitybarbie on Instagram. she's the best at all this funny business ;)
{duster cardi - Target, tunic dress - Zulou (GB), jeans - J. Crew, shoes - H&M, bag - Anthropologie}

As you may have noticed, I had not 1 but 2 photogs for this one! 

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