Monday, November 9, 2015

Trick or Treating

I have yet to share my pictures from our afternoon spent trick or treating. Goodness! Better late than never, which seems the case with most blog posts nowadays. But I still get a good 2 in per week and I'm pretty chuffed with just that cause it really is a great, great feat to accomplish very much that falls under the category of free time/artistic endeavors. I just mentioned to my husband today that I really want to get back to doing style posts again as they have become quite non-existent of late and personal style really is my favorite day to day expression of self and all things lovely. So must get back to sharing more photos and details of what trends I'm digging. The husband just sighed when I mentioned it. Guess he's not as thrilled at the demands of the fashion photog life. It's so rough being married to me. ;)

Halloween was a blast and trick or treating our favorite part. My sister's neighborhood is the best place to scavenge for candy cause it's so stinking cute! The houses are often dressed to the nines in all things haunted and gory and while we don't mind most (even enjoy the more fantastical porches, especially the one that resembled the potions room at Hogwarts!), some are just downright terrifying and most suited for adults only. Yeesh! Scarlet didn't care how scary everyone pretended to be, she was completely happy to climb their steps and hold out her Target bag. Haha. Most of the other kids ran ahead as we were just too slow for their taste. But I did manage a few pics of our group before we split up. We were joined with some dear new friends from South Africa (and now call Green Bay home) who looked so adorable in their Alice in Wonderland costumes. 

Little E's favorite part was handing out candy to trick or treaters. Thought he was super awesome. :)

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