Saturday, November 28, 2015

Mama Style

Hello friends! Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving week, eating and cuddling with the ones you love and getting all the Christmas decor started at home, perhaps? At least that's what we did this weekend and it's looking happily festive and smelling deliciously woodsy at our house right now. Still working on more decor ideas and scheming up some fun ideas for the dining room as I'll be throwing a Christmas party this upcoming weekend already! No need to drag your feet once December hits as it seems to absolutely fly by. It's seriously difficult to fit in everything during the holidays, but here we gooooooooo ....... 

I have a little style post for you today as I wanted to get some photos of this new coat, sent my way from Yoins. It's got a cute little buckle detail around the neck and a great slim fit for those days (perhaps date nights?) when I don't want to layer on the puffy snowman coats during the winter. And as usual, I'm joined by my side kick who I find is more resistant to pictures with mom these days. But at least she was willing to eat her cheese stick somewhere within the frame. 
{me: coat - c/o Yoins, sweater - Forever 21, blouse - Old Navy, jeans - J. Crew, boots - Zappos
S: jumper & boots - Zara Kids}

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