Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Mama Style {plaid + white}

It's DECEMBERRRR! So excited about the month ahead and every single sweet moment, big and small, coming our way. This is such a beautiful season each year and our family loves to celebrate each and every day. To begin, we start the month off with a huge bang as my mom celebrates her birthday today and we'll be off to dinner with the fam tonight. The kids will also each receive an advent calendar with a window to open each day and a little chocolate hidden behind it. A Christmas-y mini chocolate every day is always a highlight for them as you can imagine.

Now get ready for loads and loads of plaid this month cause it's the perfect time to indulge in that goodness. Every time I see someone wearing plaid (like all those lovelies at the tree farm last weekend or those shoppers at Target yesterday), I just want to run up to them and give them a warm holiday hug. Cause they look so stinking cute and festive and it just makes me happy. Happy, happy. Plaid = happiness.

(Would never in a million years actually do that. Don't worry. Wear your plaid. You will not be accosted by an over zealous plaid lover. ;)
{jacket - Target, dress - Asos, boots - Target, bag - thrifted}


  1. Love your style! PLEASE SHARE MORE for those of us fashion dyslexic.

  2. Really like laced white dresses with plaid!


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