Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Her Christmas Dress {the first}

As December approaches I begin a little collection for this girl, a Christmas dress for each Sunday of advent. I missed sharing the first Sunday of advent but we have our cousin Aletta visiting for Christmas soon and at least 3 dresses left before Christmas, some of which will be matching with our little cousins. So there's plenty to come! As you can tell, I have way too much fun with this and since it's just the little butterfly to dress with lace and bows, we do not miss a beat here. She is truly my real life doll. :)

This dress is pretty special because I found it at our local St Vincent De Paul thrift store for $3 as is the case with the little knit Christmas tree purse, which was 50 cents. Absolute perfection! A friend recently noted that she is pretty sure she wore this very dress in 1980 which made me very happy. Hah! We don't have many clothes from our childhood so if I can find something from yours in my local thrift store, I'm in heaven. 

We start our photos at church with some of the boys and then end at home, pose upon pose by the window. 
{dress and purse - St Vinnys (GB), shoes - H&M}

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