Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Step by Step Guide to Putting Makeup on a 2 Year Old

So little miss Scarlet performed in her first dance show ever, at the teensy age of just 2 and a half. I did not expect her to make it that far to be honest. I brought her to class with me because it was the most convenient for my husband and I as we did the after school switch. So she would come with me to the 3-4 year class and instead of watch, actually participate! It took a little bit of time to get into the swing of it all and more than anything else, be comfortable with not having a drink and a duppy (her little blanket) for an entire 45 minutes. She really did so well and eventually, we moved onto the stage to rehearse our dance and again, she was fine. Finally, our performance was here and she did it! Didn't seem to mind the lights or hundreds of people watching. She was actually completely in heaven.

So here we are, getting this little lady ready for her first show and putting on her makeup. She was so surprised and excited that I was allowing her to have some of my makeup cause I have said on so many occasions that NO, she cannot open my makeup and play with it. ("Peeeeese mama!")

This was an awesome moment as all the boys in our family were standing in the bathroom doorway with iPads and phones, taking pictures and videos of this girl. All so excited for her and proud of her. Heaven!

So here you have it! A step by step photo guide to putting makeup on your 2 year old. ;)

1: We start with a touch of blush on those chubby little cheeks.

2: Then we add some mascara to those long lashes and pray she doesn't cry at all after that (was fine for 1st show but had a tearful moment before 2nd show and had to rescue the face of its black streaks). 
 3: Then simply dot some red lipstick on those tiny lips. 
And finally step back and watch her face glisten with delirious happiness. Now you have a baby face ready for the stage!

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