Sunday, December 20, 2015

The 4th Sunday of Advent

This is what the little lady and I wore for Christmas Sunday, the 4th Sunday of advent. Her sparkly red dress was so beautiful and the best part was that we bought 3 of them, so that her and her cousins could match today. They were adorable! So yes, it means that my sister and her family are in town finally and we are celebrating this fact daily. It is so incredible to be together again. Christmas is a beautiful time for many, many reasons but one of those is the simple dear fact that we get to put everything else aside and really spend quality time with those we love. The first 2 and a half weeks were a little too stressful to be quite honest, so I'm thankful for this time to just be. And it's going to be a sweet, sweet week. 

Hope you're having a wonderful Christmas season thus far and best wishes to all of you, dear friends, and also lovely readers whom I have never met. :) This continues to be one of my favorite places to come and create and I'm thankful that you take these moments to watch on. 
 {mama: shirt & necklace - H&M, skirt - Puddle Duck (GB), heels - Target
mini: dress - Daisy Petals Boutique, shoes - H&M}
Here's a look at Scarlet with her cousins ... 
Thought this one was funny. My brother-in-law grabbed the shot behind the shot of the girls. ;)

And here are my cool cats, looking rad in their buffalo plaid. Parker celebrated his 11th birthday today and so this day was all about him with a lunch at his favorite place (all 20 of us!) and presents and ice cream cake at our house this evening. He is the most incredible kid a mama could ask for with all the wisdom and maturity of a full grown adult in that little 11 year old head of his. And all the goodness and kindness that a mom prays for her children to have. We are so blessed by this child. 
And here we are, my mom and two sisters with the youngest angel in our family, baby Greer. 

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