Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Mama and Mini Style {dreams}

Hello friends! Happy 2016!

It's a beautiful new year with endless possibility and I'm so looking forward to all the experiences it will bring. That being said, we have no fancy plans to travel or celebrate as of yet, but I have big, BIG dreams. Just the thought of all that we'll accomplish this year, living life passionately with loads of heart and soul put into each moment. There's just much to look forward to and anticipate, whether extraordinary or completely normal, it's going to be good. 

BIG dreams. 

I've so many enormous dreams right now and have spent much time thinking about them as this new year has turned its leaf. I'm dreaming of travel (but always), of dance recitals, birthday parties, whimsical photo shoots, beautiful clothes, open windows, losing myself in a book, lazy summer days.  Those are my constant dreams, my normal lost-in-thought bubbles. But bigger than that, those experiences I've come to love year in and year out, I'm now dreaming of the future. It's those years to come, perhaps near or perhaps faaaar off still, those things I want to accomplish and the possibilities of where I might want to be when I reach .... 40!! (insert crazy face emoji here as this is now just a couple of measly years away). Yikes! 

But seriously, I think about what I want my life to look like when I'm out of my 30's. It'll be an entirely new phase of life for me as I'm now done with adding to my family, pregnancies, nursing, sleepless nights, tantrums at Target, teaching 2 year olds how to share. It's as glorious as it is sad. The next decade will be about raising these children and guiding them into becoming strong, wise, compassionate (the list goes on and on) young adults. Crucial and awesome years. It's going to be amazing. 

But beside all of that, I have my BIG dreams. Dreams of owning a mama and mini boutique, a desire I've had since I was a preteen (named my first shop before I ever considered baby names ;). I don't know where that falls in with the rest of my life as I currently own a dance studio and it is a job that I adore and is incredibly fulfilling ... but still, a boutique pulls at my heart strings and has for forever. We'll see where that takes me. Perhaps no where, perhaps it will move into a different direction. 

I dream of my "forever" home, the one that I've been decorating in my head for about 10 years now. Hah! And one we save and plan for in our future one day (fingers crossed!). I dream of Europe, of walking those many, many breath taking streets and experiencing those cultures and histories. I want to see these places first hand, though for now I am satisfied by experiencing them through the wonderful worlds I've found on Instagram. What a joy to see the stunning photos that people take across the world and share with us homebodies, as we sit coffee in hand, staring at the snow covered streets in Green Bay, Wisconsin wondering if we're up for a freezing cold drive to pick up more toilet paper. 

And so, I guess that for whatever reason, the fact that we've entered a new year and that we all tend to push the refresh button or the simple fact that I'm getting ooooold, I'm dreaming of the future. It's a good place to be cause I have to be honest, I've felt so much fear creeping into my life lately and I'm not normally a worrier. And I'm tired of it. I don't have time or space in my life for fear and I'm taking intentional steps to let go of those worthless thoughts. Instead I am looking forward to what is to come, all the joy that my family will bring me and all the laughs/conversations/hugs that we'll share. It's a much better place to be, I think. 

So with that being said (whew! what an earful!), here's a look at miss S and I in our fancier fineries. Clothes have always been so much more to me than just clothes. I know it's strange but it's just a fact. Every piece of clothing I have has a memory attached to it and every big moment in my life had an outfit I'll not forgot. It's my everyday happy. And I get to share the happy here. :)
{dress - Besselli, scarf - Gap, booties - Sam Edelman from Zappos}

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