Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mama Style: Styling Bohemian Layers

 {dress - mom's closet, originally Forever 21, sweater - T J Maxx, jacket - All Saints, boots - Free People from Besselli (GB), purse - Madewell}

As we all trudge on through the cold drab of winter, I find myself looking at my wardrobe and rethinking the combinations I tend to grab each week. I tend to become sooo bored wearing the same things day in and day out and yet, they are my faves and I'm intentionally reaching for those same 2 pairs of jeans, 2 shirts and 2 sweaters weekly. Neglecting a good half of what's hanging there is what most of us are really good at and yet, I'm not ready to completely clean out my closet as those few pretties that remain untouched are my "special occasion items". They tend to find the most action during the holidays, when dressing up is more of a priority day in and day out. January - March are simply work/play/eat/stay-warm months with the exception of February which holds our anniversary in its icy claws offering up one lovelier, dressier weekend. And thank goodness for that cause it breaks up the winter with a touch of fun and sometimes a little getaway. I can survive anything if you take me on a mini break to escape it. ;)

But still, come January, I'm tired of those combos and usually itching for the newness of spring. And these are the months when the great art of remixing comes into play, as anything can be made new again with a little change. In this case, I've taken a maxi dress and thrown on a slouchy sweater, turning something quite dressy into something a little more relaxed, which ultimately gives it that much loved boho feel. Bohemian style is all about layer upon layer of texture in the winter and even more specifically, layering the pretty with the grunge-y, the feminine with the edgy. If you can come up with a combination of opposites, a juxtaposition of styles, you've created the perfect boho look. It just requires some thoughtful consideration on your part, perhaps a little stretching of the styling muscles.

Think of your oversized, comfiest sweaters and wear them with your pretty lace maxi skirts/dresses or shorter flowy skirts plus a pair of opaque tights. Slip on a pair of boots instead of flats or heels as it adds more to the eclectic charm and feels a little more edgy. Often that's as far as you need to go, starting and ending with the mix of a sweater and a skirt plus a pair of booties. But if your inner bohemian princess in on a roll, throw on a leather jacket or a warmer furry coat when you're heading out, and layer your jewelry. I love simple layers, longer vintage inspired necklaces and thin gold rings. But chunky stone jewels are equally perfect and always a huge trend come spring time. 

So what do you think? Ready to conquer the boho look next time you're heading out for date night?

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